Good Morning Quotes

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Good Morning Quotes

I have eternally considered myself a lucky boy.
But getting to call me your love, for another night,
is definitely the vertex of my luck !
Good Night my love.

good morning quotes

As this day comes to an end, I only have one thing to wish for.
May we spend together Hundred times more like these,
As Boyfriend and Girlfriend.
I love you. GN.

Each moment of today has been to make you the happiest love in the earth,
so I don’t see any reason why this will change in the next day.

No matter how many minutes have passed,
And no matter how many minutes will come,
I will always choose to spend each of my moments with you.

As this day comes to an end,
I would like to wish you,
You are my second heart my love.

Today we have great more opportunities to maintain our status as the happiest couple in the world,
I love you a my love, Good Night.

Someone say that where there is a shadow, there is also light.
So, in the shadow of today that is about to end,
I want you to be the light to guide me in the new.
You are the angel of my life.
Happy Good Night.

If my life were a fairy tale & I was the king,
you would certainly be the queen sitting next to me.
My empire cannot work without you, neither can I.
I love you.

If there is a reason why this day has been awesome,
it is because you were in it,
so my only wish for the next one is to remain you,
the rest will come alone! sweet dreams my love.

When second page of this book called life comes to an end,
all I want is for you to be joyous and to be together.
You are the great lover.

गुड मॉर्निंग कोट्स

The new news for you and all the best wishes for next day.
May your days be filled with humor and fun.
Good Night With Cute Smile.

Thank you, my love, for all the trust, love,
Probity and inspiration you have given me.
I hope today you will sleep with comfort and joy.

I would like to manifest my best wishes for today with the hope,
that everyday will be one of the best days of your life.

मैं आशा के साथ आज के लिए अपनी शुभकामनाएं प्रकट करना चाहता हूं,
की हर रोज़ आपका जीवन सबसे अच्छे दिनों में से एक होगा.

Have a sweetest night,
May your night be funny like joker.

May your dreams be filled with happiness,
And may the light of love shine on you in next days.

For a friend that I appreciate,
that all your dreams come true,
And that you have a lot of cheerfulness in the next day.

I have seen you grow up to be such a wonderful person,
that every night brings you a great deal of happiness and prosperity.

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25 September 2021.

Good Morning Quotes
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