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{1} Monday Fitness Motivation

Monday Fitness Motivation

Alone can enjoy… but together we can celebrate!
Alone you may pray… but together we become a force
Alone you may plead the divine… but together we become The Source!
Let togetherness be optimized…
– Dr Mickey Mehta.

Instincts are governed by senses
Consciousness transcends… minus the lenses
Inner senses maximized, lenses neutralized.
– Dr Mickey Mehta.

If communities can play together
Why can’t they pray together?
Unity initialized… communities.”
– Dr Mickey Mehta.

Time sides with those who have the courage to fly,
Not with the ones who simply watch the sky,
Things may remain the same if you shy,
But certainly change if you try,
Let your heights get eternalised.
― Dr Mickey Mehta.

Exercising mental fitness was a daily battle for him, but a battle he chose.
― Matt Fitzgerald.

Man is funny
Despite of having five + senses and infinite intelligence
He says he is helpless at the hands of destiny
Time for mutiny, change your fortune,
with within get in tune!
Let your destiny be revolutionized.
― Dr Mickey Mehta.

When a friend is in need,
be graceful without having your friend to plead,
As someday you too could be down,
Hoping some friend would come around,
It’s only lip service we should share,
Reach out & show you care!
Blessed are those who get a chance,
To make their friends jump and dance,
Let your friends be prioritized.
Get your friends.
― Dr Mickey Mehta.

Where do your words come out from?
Your mind or your mouth?
Does silence increase your vibrancy?
Sit in it to know… to sow…
Silence initialized.
― Dr Mickey Mehta.

Opposite of saint is Satan,
Opposite of divine is diabolic,
Opposite of pure is profane,
But finding the opposite of God is insane,
It’s at the center of all creation,
Get centralized.
― Dr Mickey Mehta

Heart is health,
A giving heart is a flowing heart,
A forgiving heart is a glowing heart,
A rhythmic heart is a healing heart,
Heal your Heart!
Heart specialized.
― Dr Mickey Mehta.

Non meditative minds have instinctive behaviour,
Meditative minds have intuitive behaviour,
Be your own savior,
Meditation maximized.
― Dr Mickey Mehta.

Human experiences in ignorance,
Can give rise to profanity,
Consciousness gives rise,
To divinity,
Miracles maximized.
– Dr Mickey Mehta.

Why fight to be fit,
why struggle to survive
why be serious under stress
Why make life a mess!
Messing neutralized, blessings maximized.
– Dr Mickey Mehta.

There is no reason to be alive if you can’t do deadlift.
― Jon Pall Sigmarsson.

Be the heat that heals,
not the heat that hurts
be the cool that creates,
not the cold that discomforts,
Healing maximized…
with compassion.
― Dr Mickey Mehta.

Our bodies all that cleans,
Our hearts desire all that feels,
Our soul desires all that heals,
So align with such & divine,
will give you more than much.
Abundance eternalised.
― Dr Mickey Mehta

I am an independent soul,
I choose my own destiny,
Destiny specialized,
― Dr Mickey Mehta

There is no magic pill to,
Reduce the risk of Infections,
Only a holistic approach can help you lead,
An optimally healthy and vibrant life!.
― Dr Mickey Mehta.

I will share all
I have with All,
Sharing Eternalized,
― Dr Mickey Mehta.

Workout are tightening,
Meditation is loosening,
Prayers are enlightening,
Meditation is awakening,
Get illuminized.
― Dr Mickey Mehta.

Listen to your inner voice,
It tries to communicate often.
Life internalized,
― Dr Mickey Mehta.

My relationship with others,
Help me learn, grow & evolve,
Evolution Maximized,
― Dr Mickey Mehta.

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