Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud

Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud (SEP Cloud) is an easy to use,
security as a service that protects and manages PC, Mac, mobile devices,
and servers from a single console,
Making it the ideal solution for organizations with limited IT security resources.
SEP Cloud effectively stops today’s ransomware, zero-day threats, & other sophisticated attacks using, advanced multi-layered technologies including advanced,
machine learning and behavior analysis. Utilizing SEP Cloud’s, default security settings and
user self-enrollment capabilities, this solution quickly protects your endpoints.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud

Antivirus protection uses signatures and advanced file heuristics to analyze,
and eradicate malware on endpoints including viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, bots, adware,
and rootkits. Cloud-based file lookup during file scans provide the latest information and protect against outbreaks and new and emerging malware.

Symantec Endpoint Protection:-

Malware Defense provides proactive defense against zero day malicious repackaged,
apps based on signatures, static/ dynamic analysis, behavior, structure, permissions,
source and real-time response.

Network Defense delivers an effective shield against malicious Wi Fi networks,
and blocks man-in–the-middle, SSL downgrading, and content manipulation attacks with patented active honeypot technology.

Vulnerability Defense monitors devices for unpatched known vulnerabilities, and uncovers zero-day vulnerabilities in apps and operating systems.

Password Protection prevents unauthorized access to devices,
by enforcing password requirements, and device controls such as the,
camera control can limit access or disable use.

Device Lock and Wipe capability protects company data on mobile devices in the,
event a device is lost or stolen by remotely locking access to or wiping data from a mobile device.

Email and Wi Fi Policy creation controls access to company networks based on device,
ownership (company or personal) and device security status.

SEP Cloud’s highly intuitive cloud management allows you to secure and manage,
A wide variety of devices in the cloud including: PCs, laptops, mobile phones,
tablets and servers with broad OS support (macOS, Windows, iOS and Android).
Setup takes just 5 minutes using the default security policy configurations.

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