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1} UPSC Shayari

UPSC Shayari
UPSC Shayari

मत बताओ मुझे कुछ बहुत लंबी लिस्ट हे मेरे पास,
बताना हे दुनिया को हम को,
हमने बस अब IAS बनने की इच्छा बनायीं हे.

Mat batao mujhe kuchh bahut lambee list he mere paas,
Bataana he duniya ko ham ko,
Hamane bas ab IAS banane kee ichchha banaayeen he.

Don’t tell me I have some very long list,
I have to tell the world, we have just made a wish to become an IAS.

में तो बस IAS ही बनना चाहता हु,
बड़े लक्ष्य के लिए मेहनत करना हे मुझको,
सबको दिखा दूंगा,
की में भी कुछ बनके दिखा सकता हु.

Mein to bas ias hee banana chaahata hu,
Bade lakshy ke lie mehanat karana he mujhako,
Sabako dikha doonga,
Ki mein bhee kuchh banke dikha sakata hu.

I just want to become an IAS,
I want to work hard for a big goal,
I will show everyone that I can also show by doing something.

The only drawback of EXAM is,
It’s a copy of paper, it’s time to rain
There is pain again, there is moisture in the eyes, then there is a river of fire, then you have to drown.

I Was thinking today that I leave UPSC preparation,
But this morning itself, mother’s call came asking when IAS babu is coming home, then the voice of the heart has doubled from today.

It will be very difficult to clear UPSC, but don’t even consider my passion as work, difficulties will go away in every mind, but my senses are not so much, that the only thing that remains in my mind is to do just UPSC.

The dream is to change the country,
For change I have to fight evil, have decided to pass the UPSC,
Do my duty by becoming an IAS.

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