Whatsapp Status

Whatsapp Status – 🌞 Good Morning, Have a beautiful day. 🌞

😃 Smile is the best medicine in the world…So keep smiling. 😃

😇 It is not important to have long friends list on facebook and whatsapp. 😇
🌠 but, it is important to have at least one friend, 🌠
😇 Who can read your ‘Face’ as a ‘Book’ and ask “What’s up”. 😇

🎃 Don’t trust everyone, 🎃
🌠 because, sugar and salt both have same color.🌠

Amazing Status

Amazing Status - Impossible  को गौर से देखो...
Whatsapp status

😇 Impossible को गौर से देखो, वो खुद केह्ता हे…😇
🎲I m Possible, बस देखने का नजरिया बदल दो और नामुमकिन को मुमकिन करो. 🎲

😑 रोज Status बदलने से जिंदगी नहीं बदलती, जिंदगी को बदलने के लिए अपना एक Status होना जरुरी हे. 😑

👁‍ बीन आँखो के भी दीदार होता हे, 😇
😇 अंधेरे नैनो में भी रब प्रेम बीज बोता हे. 👁‍

🤖 सब कुछ खो बैठे हे,😔
😔 खुशी को भी बुझा बैठे हे. 🤖

🤖 जब से नाराज हे मुझसे मेरा रब,🤖
🤖 तब से गुम गया मेरा सब. 🤖

🎯 रब तूजसे क्या क्या करू गिला,😔
😔 अश्को के साथ मेने अपनाया जो मुझे तूज से हे मिला. 🎯

💝 Whatsapp Status Love 💝

💞 7 years past, two halves made a full lovely couple, thanks for being my better half. Lots of love. 💞

🎉 🎉 Happy Anniversary to the most beautiful couple alive, stay the same always 🙂 🎉 🎉

🚗 🚗 Oh guy please put this stress away, we are on a ranger racing not ANGER racing. 🚗 🚗

😇 Don’t let your anger become dangerous, keep calm and relax. 😇

❤️️ Whatsapp Status – English ❤️️

😇 Haters are going stay, just stay firm and smile back and make them hate you even more,
because, that’s what making you shine even more.

🚙 Don’t be afraid to put forward your views, as what is meant to be, will always pave its way. 🚙

🚗 Don’t rush over what can be wrong, go after what can be right, stay positive and be optimistic. 🚗

👧 Girls are a true source of inspiration For their loved ones in the way of their own beauty. 👧

💞 True love goes just straight from the heart for a special person in life. 💞

🌷 Cutest Status 🌷

🌉 The night I wake up and wonder,
If, you meant all your promises,
and, I love you because, if you did,
You wouldn’t have left me.

😇 Everyone asking my age today,
I would like to say that growing old is necessary,
Growing up is optional.

😇 People say that I have a lot of attitude,
If they knew the things that I had gone through they would understand why I act the way I do.

😇 Some people come into your life, and leave behind marks,
and some people come into your life, and make you want to leave marks on their faces.

You Are So Beautiful, Girl.
You Seem Two Be Glowing Like A Pearl.

Food For A Good Mood.
Prepare It Well.

Keep Your Day Going With Nice Thoughts,
And Then Surely You Shall Have A Good Day Everyday.

The Confidence In Your Heart Does Not Let You Fall Down And In Fact Makes You To Reach At a Very High Level In a Positive Way.

Begin Your Day With Gratitude,
The Good Will Pour In Itself.

Be Creative Enough To Be Called One.

You Gave Me a Reason Not To Trust Anyone,
If Someone Approaches Simply Breakup.

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