Whatsapp status attitude

Whatsapp Status – 🌞 Good Morning, Have a beautiful day. 🌞 😃 Smile is the best medicine in the world…So keep smiling. 😃 😇 It is not important to have long friends list on facebook and whatsapp. 😇🌠 but, it is important to have at least one friend, 🌠😇 Who can read your ‘Face’ as […]

Inspirational love quotes

Inspirational love quotes The real lover loves the entire world, in his or her love for a special person. Love is the only language of disco; chronic and beyond worlds. The caliber of life depends on the Strength of love. Always love your wife or girlfriend. Never leave her alone. When you start loving yourself, […]

Sad Shayari In English & Hindi

Sad Shayari In English And Hindi कोई कितना भी हिम्मतवाला हो,हमेशा खास इंसान की याद रुला देती हे ! Koi kitana bhee himmatavaala ho,Hamesha khaas insaan kee yaad rula detee he. Very sad shayari जिंदगी में हर बार सहारा नहीं मिलता,कोई प्यार से प्यारा नहीं मिलता,जो पास हे उसे संभाल के रखो,क्यों की अगर एक […]

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